Sermon series on the Armor of God:













"The Great Rescue"

Pastor Ben Samuel


 God's plan of salvation is the greatest rescue story ever told. 

Pastor Ben discusses the last 2 pieces of armor: the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit.


"No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper"

Pastor Ben Samuel


How does a Shield of Faith protect us from a flaming arrow?




"Put on the Sandals of Readiness"

 Pastor Ben Samuel


As apostle Paul prepares us for a spiritual battle, he is asking us to fasten our shoes with the gospel of peace. How can we be at peace and war at the same time?



"The Bulletproof Vest"

 Pastor Ben Samuel


Why is the concept of righteousness associated with the breastplate that guards your heart? What does it mean to put on God’s righteousness, and how does it protect you from spiritual warfare?


"Put on the Belt of Truth"

Pastor Ben Samuel


The engagement for our spiritual warfare hangs on the elements of truth. What does this truth mean to you today?




"Fear of God"

Student Pastor Mila LInke 1/21/24

The fear of God is mentioned often in the Bible, but is it really necessary to fear God? We explore what is meant by this popular Biblical term and how "Awe" might be a better translation.




The Tripartite Being 

 Pastor Ben Samuel


We're so focused on the body that we negate the soul. What happens to the soul after we die?





"A Christian Perspective on Artificial Intelligence"


Guest speaker, Finney Premkumar discussed AI on 11/19/23.







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